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Triggers with longer times

Status: Declined 1 Vote
Brandon P
Feb 12, 2023 11:50 PM
Joined Dec, 2021 5 posts

Would like the ability to create triggers for emails that are longer than 30 days after checkout.  This would be easy to do and would help immensely in re-targeting guests who have already booked without the need for a secondary CRM.  I think in theory OR isn't opposed to it, since the new zappier integration with Mail Chimp would allow the same kind of triggers.... but it seems crazy to have to purcahse Zappier and Mail Chimp subscriptions just to do this.... Would love this feature!

Ken T
Feb 14, 2023 10:01 PM
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2019 1321 posts

There's a reason we have the 30-day limit - that's generally recognized as being related to the specific business transaction (the booking) and so does not require any special permissions, opt-outs, unsubscribes, etc.  MailChimp and such already support those legal restrictions, but at present OwnerRez does not - nor do we have to because, by definition, all our automated email is within the limit.