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Travel Insurance purchase alert

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Tom G
Registered: 1/23/20
Travel Insurance purchase alert

Would be super helpful to be notified by OR when a Guest has purchased travel insurance; a reassuring bit of knowledge should something go sideways on our end that adversely affects the Guest's stay, before we offer partial or full refund mea culpas, etc. Who's with me?

Valerie R
Registered: 9/26/19
Re: Travel Insurance purchase alert

If the guest purchases travel insurance it IS documented in the booking activity notes:

Jun 17, 20 - The booking was entered.
Jun 17, 20 - Scheduled a payment for the remaining balance to be paid on 6/24/2020.
Jun 17, 20 - Purchased a travel insurance policy for $224.17
Jun 17, 20 - Collected a payment of $1,143.72 from credit card Visa *****.
Jun 24, 20 - Collected a payment of $1,143.71 from credit card Visa *****.
Jul 12, 20 - The booking was canceled.

We don't receive a "notification" when it is purchased, true, but it is at least noted in the booking.

We can also run a report for Insurance to identify bookings that have purchased Damage Insurance, Travel insurance, or both.

If your concern is that you might issue a refund on a cancelled booking when they've purchased insurance you can add a step to your process to either check the booking activity notes or run the insurance report first to identify if the guest has purchased the insurance.

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Travel Insurance purchase alert

Bear in mind that these notes only indicate TI purchased through OwnerRez; we have no way to know if they bought it from Vrbo or elsewhere.

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