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Template Fields for Agreement, info guest needs to ADD

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Valerie R
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Template Fields for Agreement, info guest needs to ADD

CTK said:

Are you having them print the RA off and initial/scan back - if not, how are you getting initials no the RA?

The confusion seems to be how the required initials end up on the rental agreement.

1. As Lydia explained in very good detail, the first step is to create any custom field that you want a guest to agree to/initial in the rental agreement. Custom fields can be created for things like:

*A separate custom field for "Guest List" where the person submitting the booking can supply the name of each person who will be staying in the property. The description for this field can be something like "Guest List: Please supply the name of each person who will be staying in the property in this field."

*A custom field for the guest to agree to a particular term (such as "Please enter your INITIALS in this box to acknowledge: A copy of your ID and a signed rental agreement are required within 48 hours to confirm your booking." or "Please enter your INITIALS in this box to acknowledge: I have read & understand the cancellation policy".

*A custom field if you want the guest to agree to certain house rules that are not specifically listed on the listing's House Rules section. I use this for one of my clients' properties as follows "Please enter your INITIALS in this box to acknowledge: 1) No additional people 2) No parties 3) No firing guns on property 4) There is no landline phone at the cabin. 5) You agree to remove all trash from the cabin OR pay a $75 trash removal fee."

*Make and Model of Primary Vehicle to Be Used at Property (as used by Lydia)

*Name and Phone Number of Emergency Contact (as used by Lydia)

I would recommend NOT creating a bunch of custom fields for the guest to have to work through when going through the booking process; you don't want to make it so difficult to book that the guest gives up.

2. Once you have created your custom fields for the rental agreement you now need to enter the information into your lease agreement form to display the initials supplied by the guest during the booking process. You'll do this by copying/pasting the Custom Field Code that you assigned to your particular custom fields into the rental agreement along with an explanation in the rental agreement so that it is clear to what terms the custom field applies.

NOTE: the guest supplies the requested information during the booking confirmation process; they do not actually initial the rental agreement itself. The initials appear on the rental agreement because you enter the Custom Field code into the rental agreement that fills in with whatever the guest supplies when they fill out the required field during the booking confirmation process.

As Ken suggested earlier, you should put some text into your rental agreement that accompanies the custom field code so that when reading the agreement it makes sense. Ken's suggestion for the "Guest List" explanation was:

"I understand that the following specific people, and no others, may be permitted into the Property. Admission of anyone else into the Property constitutes violation of this Agreement, and may subject me to immediate eviction without refund as well as additional penalty charges:"

{custom field code here}

Another example is the text that I added to the rental agreement for the property that has the additional house rules:

INITIALS: {BXCSCREQ} I agree to these additional House Rules:

No additional guests
No parties
No firing guns on property
I understand there is no landline at the cabin.
I agree to remove all trash from the cabin when I leave or else agree to pay the $75 trash fee (withheld from security deposit or filed as a damage claim)

If you are like me, a visual might help. Here's a quick little tutorial video:


Note that the process shown in the video is what happens when a guest is trying to book a property directly through our website. But, if you send a rental agreement link by email to a Vrbo guest, Airbnb guest (or otherwise not through your website) the form they receive has the same required fields that you saw in this video; the process will be the same where they will fill out the form & initial the required fields.

I hope this helps!

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Re: Template Fields for Agreement, info guest needs to ADD

I have to agree with you on this with initials and reading the cancellation policy. Having gone through chargebacks and working with processing companies. They have suggested that you mention the cancellation policy more than once. In the beginning and in the end where the guest E-Sign. It is redundant but we all know people don't read.

sunchic vacation
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Re: Template Fields for Agreement, info guest needs to ADD

I follow how we can add custom fields to gather guest information and more during booking and relay that on the rental agreement. But, can someone provide some direction if we want to require a name (and more info) for each Adult guest in the booking? What I read had an emergency name, but I have one house for example that can sleep 26 and need to issue resort entry passes/parking passes for each vehicle. If I could key off the Adults they suggest and then have a field to require a name, number, and then an optional field for vehicle Y/N, then I can have the proper number of fields presented in the booking form. Otherwise, I can create a free form table with up to 26 lines, but not as elegant. Ideas?

Ken T
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Re: Template Fields for Agreement, info guest needs to ADD

At present, the free-form text field is the recommended way.

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