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Tags visible on calendar

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Replies: 3 - Pages: 1 - Last Reply: Apr 14, 2021 9:11 AM by: Tiny Castle
Registered: 1/5/20
Tags visible on calendar

Adding tag visibility when hovering over a booking on the calendar would be *enormously* helpful. Right now, when hovering over a booking we see some crucial details... I would love the ability to also see any tags that exist on that booking!

Mitch W
Registered: 11/22/17
Re: Tags visible on calendar

This would be enormously helpful as I'm constantly checking for tags!

Tiny Castle
Registered: 12/15/20
Re: Tags visible on calendar

This is a desperate need for me as well. I want special requests/add ons easily visible and pushed through to the VRScheduler so my staff can make sure these don't get missed when preparing for a check in. Having to search every single booking for special requests that they've chosen and paid for in advance is time consuming and with so many listings, things are getting missed.

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