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Support for Invoice (Co-Host) Business Model within Property Management (PM) Module

Status: Requested 10 Votes
Nathaniel S
Apr 4, 2023 10:06 PM
Joined Oct, 2022 5 posts

I'd love to see some reports developed within the PM module for companies that run on an "invoice" or "direct remittance" or "co-hosting" model.  My business started this way, as an Airbnb "co-host" and has grown very quickly under that model.  The property owners are paid directly by the hosting platforms (or directly by guests) and then I send a monthly invoice.

My monthly invoice includes:

1) Commission on accommodation/rent revenue

2) Reimbursements for expenses (housekeeping, maintenance, supplies, etc.)

I never remit payments to the property owners.  Since they all get paid directly, they all end up owing me money at the end of each month.  I realize this is a fundamental difference from the traditional property management model.  I suppose my business model is more as a technology consulting / housekeeping / guest concierge services business rather than a true property management company - but the reports seem easy to develop in theory.  Please consider it!


Zach S
7 days ago
Joined Aug, 2023 8 posts

Me too. I manage the listing, but the owners collect the payment. I would like to bill the homeowner for the 20% of bookings

Ozark Stays
2 days ago
Joined Aug, 2020 19 posts

Yes, this will become more and more necessary as people continue to use this model for various different reasons. In my market, and my level of service, I feel way more comfortable controlling the money supply. But for those of us who operate differently, this would be quite useful and shouldn't be hard to develop.