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Support for Invoice (Co-Host) Business Model within Property Management (PM) Module

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Nathaniel S
Apr 4, 2023 10:06 PM
Joined Oct, 2022 5 posts

I'd love to see some reports developed within the PM module for companies that run on an "invoice" or "direct remittance" or "co-hosting" model.  My business started this way, as an Airbnb "co-host" and has grown very quickly under that model.  The property owners are paid directly by the hosting platforms (or directly by guests) and then I send a monthly invoice.

My monthly invoice includes:

1) Commission on accommodation/rent revenue

2) Reimbursements for expenses (housekeeping, maintenance, supplies, etc.)

I never remit payments to the property owners.  Since they all get paid directly, they all end up owing me money at the end of each month.  I realize this is a fundamental difference from the traditional property management model.  I suppose my business model is more as a technology consulting / housekeeping / guest concierge services business rather than a true property management company - but the reports seem easy to develop in theory.  Please consider it!