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Ribbon Enhancements...

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Registered: 9/3/19
Ribbon Enhancements...

After using OR for the past few months we've noticed there are a couple of Ribbon enhancements that would be extremely helpful

1. When you get to the end of a month the ribbon is very difficult to use when you are trying to see availability for multiple days that span the month end. You only option is to move a month forward and you lose the view of the previous days at the end of the month. The enhancement that we would love to see is to make the ribbon move by weeks instead of by months. This way when you get to the end of a month you could move a week forward and still have a view of the last few days of the previous month and the next few days of the upcoming or current month.

2. The hovers on the ribbon for the current bookings are great. We however get a large number of calls for guests looking to book direct. When "shopping" for available space it would be great if we could highlight the days for a particular property and have it provide the "base" rate. Similar to what it does if you click on them when the create quote dialog displays. This would give us a quick rate for the lookey loos. Another option here might be a "toggle" that would display the rate calendar in a ribbon format. IE display the base/spot rates for the days that are not occupied with an actual booking.

Chris L
Registered: 5/17/17
Re: Ribbon Enhancements...

#1 is even worse on mobile, where it shrinks the month to 15 days. It makes it difficult to see checkins/checkouts on the 15th.

Le Touquet Holid
Registered: 11/2/18
Re: Ribbon Enhancements...

The end of month display has been mentioned many times. I don't think thetecwill be a quick fix for this but I agree it's one off the most annoying features.

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