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Request additions to PROPERTY Export / Import

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Randy H
Jan 15, 2022 11:10 AM
Joined Jun, 2019 44 posts

For folks with a large number of properties the following would be very useful (at least in my opinion)

Request to Add following capability to property export/import in order to make mass changes quickly


#1 Description - add ability to export entire description to EXCEL, make blanket changes to multiple properties, and import back

#2 Variation of #1 - add ability to add text to TOP or BOTTOM of description.  Personally I would use this to seasonally modify the top of all
descriptions to add things such as "Book Now for Winter", "Now Booking for Summer", etc.

Furthermore it would be nice to be able to add it in this PRE format


In general anything you could add to property export and import would be very useful.