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RentalAgreement - custom fields for variable clauses

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Michael D
Registered: 10/19/19
RentalAgreement - custom fields for variable clauses

We have properties on the beach and in the city, we allow pets in some but not others, and some with pools and others without. What would be very useful would be to have a process, like custom fields, to be able to insert different variable clauses based on the condition(s) presented and have sigs for the important ones. For example, a property on the beach with a pool, and the guest is bringing a pet. So we have to have the pool liability clauses, the beach rules, the beach rules for pets as well as the normal requirements. For a city property without a pool or no pets then we'd just have the general clauses and city-specific, e.g. quite times, criteria. For now, we have several legal agreements and send based on the conditions but it would be much more efficient to just have clauses and they get inserted based on the booking and/or property specifics.

Joel P
Registered: 10/19/09
Re: RentalAgreement - custom fields for variable clauses

Fixed conditions like the pool or beach rules can be done with Property custom fields. Just add a custom field for properties called something like "Legal Agreement Clause." Then fill it out on each property for the specific pool and beach rules for that property. If none, leave it blank. Finally, update your legal agreement to include the {PX...} field for your new custom field.

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