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record number of charge backs - and what to do.

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Nov 9, 2017 1:20 PM
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here is what one of the owners posted in Smoky mountains group as follow up to VRM Intel panel discussion:

""Something I thought I'd share about credit card processing after a panel discussion at VRM Intel yesterday. Processors are seeing record numbers of chargebacks. They recommend: do not take multiple cards for payments without due diligence (as in someone who books it uses one card and the final payment is made on another card.) It's preferable to have a signed rental agreement, but Docusign-type ones with a signature that's "stamped" onto your agreement is better than just an electronic one where they just click a check box. Also, they recommended you have guests initial the sections that say things like not pet friendly, no smoking property, age/number of guest restrictions, etc. Anything that could become embroiled in a chargeback case. It was also suggested you have your cancellation policy language located at the bottom of your agreement...right next to the signature and date. In a chargeback case, they suggested you have as much documentation as possible: dated emails and texts can support your case. Phone calls cannot. So whenever changes are made, make sure there is a always paper trail.""

with that, is it possible to make guest initial certain sections or pages of rental agreement as part of the process?

Chris Hynes
Nov 12, 2017 9:49 PM
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We do currently use a signature method where they type their name and it's stamped onto the agreement, with copies sent to both the owner, guest, and also stored within OwnerRez.

Callouts with initialing is a great idea and is on our to-do list.