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Rate Calendar Feature Request

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Rich S
Registered: 12/28/18
Rate Calendar Feature Request

I find the rate calendar to be excellent at managing spot rates, so in the spirit of no good deed going unpunished I would love a feature to make rate adjustments by dollar amount or percentage.

Use Case:
- current rates across 5 nights are $224 $234 $288 $288 $210 (Thu->Mon)
- I'd like to reduce these rates by $35 dollars/night in as few mouse/keyboard clicks as possible

Ideally the existing set rates is used and there is just another option to incr/reduce rates by percent or $$ amt.

With this feature I could adjust the entire remainder of the summer season with just a few clicks, whereas currently this requires exporting current rates, doing spreadsheet manipulations and then reimporting. I get tired just thinking about doing that for multiple units ;-)

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