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Quickbooks Desktop

Hello - me again.

I am new to OR but have been using QB Pro Desktop 2016 for many years.
I really like the class option that let's me show separate columns for each property and for misc income.
Now the kicker.
OR only uses Quickbooks Online. This means you need to pay $60 a month to get that feature that I used to get included with the desktop.

I want to make a request to integrate both Online and Dektop and I am willing to be the beta-tester Guinea Pig to get it done.

Chris Hynes
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Re: Quickbooks Desktop

We've considered QuickBooks Desktop integration, but it doesn't offer full sync support that would let us make updates to invoices and payments as incidentals are added and payments come in.

We do have reports and exports for bookings and charges and payments, so some folks will dump those to Excel and then import to QB desktop that way.

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Re: Quickbooks Desktop

Is there any documentation on how they do that?
I was just on the phone with QB - no deals after 1st year. Just wanting class will make you pay $720 a year.
Do most people just consolidate all their properties into one line?
What level of QB Online do most use?
Do you have reports that can break down the properties into columns by income and expense? I kind of doubt that.
Any other accounting options?

Paul W
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Re: Quickbooks Desktop

Hi Norman, sorry for the delay on this. Just noticed your response here from a couple weeks ago...

I don't have any documentation on the QB Desktop imports. Other users here may be able to instruct you in that. Yes, QB Online isn't cheap. It used to be, but then they did a bunch of work, cornered the market and drove the price up.

You don't have to use the Class attribute. Personally, I would recommend it since it allows you to pivot your reports by that, but you don't have to. See if you can get Department/Location attributes in QB without paying for Class. Department/Location can do the same type of tracking.

We do not, internally, have reports for income/expenses. We have avoided building out a lot of accounting features since our focus is on the booking side and we want to do well at that. Once we go accounting, the number of expected features would explode (double entry bookkeeping, chart of accounts, taxes, journal entry, depreciation, balance sheets and so on) and we don't want to head in that direction. We want to focus on the booking side of things.

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