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Please get the old rate calendar back

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Rick R
Registered: 1/15/21
Please get the old rate calendar back

What happened to the rate calendar?
It was perfect for editing rates both on mobile and desktop.
Now it's needlessly huge, so you can only see 3 weeks at the best. Hard to scroll, select, and it's hard for eyes no matter if it's mobile or PC.
Please turn it back to old look.
Thank you!

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Please get the old rate calendar back

Yes, the new layout is a recent update. We're definitely going to continue refining and tightening up the new layout -- you'll see more updates in the coming weeks.

Registered: 7/17/18
Re: Please get the old rate calendar back

I liked having one place to set rates and rules, not two, takes twice as long now to adjust rate and # of nights than it used to. Please re-combine.

Also, any way to override the seasonal check-in/check-out days in the rate calendar? Would be good to add whether the date can be checked in/out in the rate calendar when I have gap dates during a season that has restricted check-in/out days.

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