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Owner statement payments

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Feb 9, 2021 5:23 PM
Joined Nov, 2019 53 posts

Why can guests pay online but owners can not pay their statements online?

Ken T
Feb 9, 2021 5:48 PM
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2019 1321 posts

What would be the use case for this? Owner statements nearly always result in you the PM owing money to the owners, not the other way around.

Feb 9, 2021 6:02 PM
Joined Nov, 2019 53 posts

There are cases where the owner doesn't make any money to cover repairs or supplies charged back to them or they would like to pay them instead of being taken from income..
Instead of sending a check.

Feb 10, 2021 10:39 PM
Joined Jan, 2020 140 posts

Yes! Having the ability to accept credit card payments for non-booking related charges would be ideal. I occasionally have charges to owners that exceed revenue for the month… so there is a balance due from owners to us. While not booking related, the charge is owner/property-related and being able to execute that somewhere within the OR system would be very helpful!

Kacey J
Feb 14, 2021 1:28 AM
Joined Jun, 2018 5 posts

I feel this is pointless personally, we integrate with Quickbooks via ownerrez so if there was ever a situation where we needed to charge an owner we would create an invoice within quickbooks and send them an invoice to pay via card or bank transfer to pay that invoice.

but ive never personally had a reason an owner would owe me more than what i owe them.

Odessa K
Jun 17, 2021 8:00 PM
Joined Mar, 2021 3 posts

Additional use case would be for monthly fees when owner has blocked the property for personal use, so there is no revenue.

BlueSky Getwaway
Sep 6, 2022 7:07 PM
Joined Mar, 2022 32 posts

The owner and I operate a little differently than most it seems,  Airbnb allows for split payouts, we have it set up that I automatically get paid my 25% commission, on Airbnb that means that also means the owner pays 75% and I pay 25% of the host fees and the owner gets a 25% portion of the cleaning fee that I get. So at the end of the month, I create an excel report and bill him for the balance he owes. He does online bill pay, and sends me a check which takes a week or more. That's why we do the split payout at least I'm getting a partial payment.

With VRBO the owner gets paid in full then I bill him for the commission and Cleaning fees.

I am just setting up my own LLC and business accounts so that I can handle the direct bookings, then I do a report to show what I owe him, then deduct it from what he owes me.

So for me, It would be awesome if we could have a way for the Owners to pay the statement online :)