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Owner Dashboard Customization

Status: Requested 6 Votes
Joey & Cait -
Apr 10, 2023 8:35 AM
Joined Aug, 2022 2 posts

All of my owners have asked why the Owner Dashboard shows revenue that's not necessarily true to the payout. This is because the revenue includes the cleaning fee and only takes out the management fee. This creates a false dashboard of what is projected each month since they cannot see how much cleaning fee will be removed from their "Revenue." If we have the ability to customize the Owner Dashboard, it would really build trust with owners and be a more helpful tool. Today, it's just an overestimate of what they will actually get paid.

Wojtek &
Apr 11, 2023 9:25 AM
Joined Sep, 2021 2 posts

The Owner Dashboard currently raises more questions than answers for Owners, we had to disable it.  We would like it to match what we see as managers from the Reports > Summary Reports > Bookings, Compare with Previous Year (yes).