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Optional Surcharges on Booking Channels

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This request is a duplicate of Optional Add-On Items
Glenn Moore
Dec 28, 2021 2:47 PM
Joined Nov, 2012 78 posts

I am not sure if this has been discussed previously (I could not find it in the search) and I am suspecting that the answer is NO.   But is there any way to get optional surcharges to be available for booking though channels?  Case in point:  I have an optional pool heating surcharge.  If the renters select it, then it adds $15/night to the overall rate and I then know to activate the heating for them.   Most of my bookings come through AirBnB and some through VRBO and a small few through direct.   Is there anyway when someone books through AirBnB that they can see the pool heating option and check it?  Or is this a limitation of the channel manager and/or of the booking sites?



Chelsea Long
Nov 9, 2022 9:06 AM
Joined Oct, 2022 5 posts

I'm curious about this as well. 

Ken T
Nov 9, 2022 7:03 PM
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2019 1325 posts

At present there is not - but, it could (mostly) be done.  We'd need to rewrite our Add-On Services functionality, which is something that needs doing anyway, but, no current ETA.

I'm moving this over to the Feature Request forum so we can gauge interest on this function.  You'll want to vote it up yourself.

Dec 18, 2022 12:30 AM
Joined Sep, 2019 68 posts

We do this nearly every day Ken.   Pet Fees on Booking.com,  Hot Tub charges on AirBnB, VRBO, etc... EV Charges on all of them...    We usually have to disconnect the booking from the OTA for some reason we can then add the charges and when we invoice we usually have the challenge of determining what payment we are going to receive from the OTA (AirBnB pays us for what they charge for,  Booking.com is all over the board providing virtual cards, sending us guest card info or acting like AirBnB) we generally have to remember to schedule an exact payment for the amount we will get from booking.com... we then use the feature to request payment for a specific amount which is the amount of the surcharges and we send the email with that direct link for payment...   

It is a lot... streamlining this would be awesome and I created a feature request based on this just today.

Tracy L
Dec 25, 2022 12:20 PM
Joined Nov, 2022 4 posts

I agree that this would be an excellent feature to add - a big timesaver.  

Chuck K
Jan 19, 2023 9:59 AM
Joined Oct, 2019 79 posts

We see a lot of questions like this in tne FB Unofficial Support group. With bookings down a bit, hosts are looking for new ways to add value and make a little extra on upsells. 

3rd party stores are not attractive to me, though I can see where they have a place for some. I prefer to get it all integrated into the booking process where an extar $20-$100 loks small compared to the whole booking.

I would feel more inclined to offer bike rentals, gift baskets, grocery services, cakes, flowers, and celebratory items, etc.


Bring it on!!