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Notes on Owners Statements

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Alex G
Registered: 2/15/21
Notes on Owners Statements

We would love to be able to either add $0 charges to owners statements or at least add notes to the owners statements in order to let owners know anything special that we have done for them in a specific statement period.
For example: 3/12/21- unclogged toilet for guest, replaced batteries in living room remote, blew off decks and cleaned out the fire pit.
We want the owners to be able to see the “Included” items that we don’t charge additional for hit take care of as part of their maintenance package.

Odessa K
Registered: 3/18/21
Re: Notes on Owners Statements

If you record an expense for $0 that might work. I did it last month and it seemed to accomplish what you are looking for.

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