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Make the mobile cluttered booking Screen more user friendly and READABLE.

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Michele W
May 26, 2022 6:05 PM
Joined Sep, 2018 47 posts

The booking screen is WAY to crowded with information. If you try to use a phone, which 70% of internet usage is now on a phone (2021 Data) . I LOVE Ownerrez, BUT this needs to be addressed. It is way to difficult to read all the information that is presented to a guest when booking. When you compare AIrbnb, Vrbo, and OwnerRez, the screens for the OwnerRex are too complex for todays mobile usage VS Airbnb and VRBOs very mobile friendly mobile user interface. Here some basic statics:

OwnerRez Book Now Screen

Words 426
Characters 2387
Characters excluding spaces 2010


Airbnb Reserve Screen - Half the data

Words 204

Characters 1113

Characters excluding spaces 954


Has about as many characters and words as OwnerRez but it is broken into 3 very readable pages. 


Like I said I love this software. However, IMO this is a weak point. Trying to view all that data on a 3 inch by 5 inch space is not up to today's mobil standards. 

Please consider making the booking process less cluttered and more mobile friendly. 

Thanks guys for all your hard work.