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Integration with Nexia / Trane Home

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monica k
Apr 28, 2021 10:58 PM
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Hi! I'm new to OR and would like to have OR program my door locks and email out the codes to guests. BUT I would also like the smart home system I use to do provide text and email notifications of events from those locks, but I am struggling to find an option that works with OR.

Currently, I use Nexia to program my Schlage remote locks, and I LOVE that it sends me emails AND texts when the doors are locked and unlocked, with which code was used, and also when doors are left open for 15 minutes (using the door sensors), etc. I have caught mistakes like cleaners not going in on days when they have same-day-turnovers, or maintenance guys not going in when they have to fix something, a door that blew open from not being latched, or guests that open doors 400x in one night - catching an unauthorized party, etc. Sadly, Nexia is not currently integrated with OR (please, please do so - it's the best and only $9.99/month!).

I can't figure out what to do to get both functions I would like. RemoteLock wants $27/month for 3 locks at just one property (I have 3 homes) and doesn't seem to email or text any event notifications at all (it says even within their online system, if I was to log in and check it, that their event log is only updated once an hour, so it can have a significant lag). Schlage's own native app will do a notification when the door is unlocked, but it only stays up on my phone for 2 seconds, so if you aren't holding your phone you never see it (yes, you can log in and check, but I like being notified when events happen that I am not expecting - so I'd really prefer the text/email notifications). I use the Schlage Encode with the native app for my personal residence where I am not concerned about getting notifications, just too lazy to carry keys.

eRentalLock said I'd have to use a thumb drive to get events off the locks (so would need to be physically at home to retrieve events, clearly not helpful, and PointCentral, Brivo, and Dormakaba all told me not the phone they do not sell services to homeowners so they wouldn't even give me an option.

Any ideas if there is an option I am missing that will let me have OwnerRez program codes for me and email out to guests, PLUS allowing me to get texts and/or emails when guests actually use the codes? Thanks!

Paul W
Apr 30, 2021 2:35 PM
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Hi Monica,

Thanks for the ideas. We integrate with Brivo and PointCentral too, and you can see all our integrations here:


I believe Brivo, PointCentral and RemoteLock will all send you notifications when the code is used or when the door is open, but you'd have to check their features specifically.

I converted this forum topic into a Feature Request for integration with Nexia, so you can now up-vote the topic if you want as can others.

Lauren N
Jan 25, 2022 12:44 PM
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Just another vote for this integration feature with the update that it is now known as Trane home and not nexia any longer.  Those of us who have been doing this for a while have been using Nexia/Trane for so long that I haven't seen the need to change to a new system, other than it doesn't integrate with OwnerRez (which we are loving). 

Jan 22, 2023 3:35 PM
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Brivo can send many different notifications... specific door code use (to monitor staff going in and out) ,  first time a door code is used (for that initial guest checkin), battery low, staff use after certain hours, it also supports non lock operation codes... we have codes 0000 and 8880 in all locks and ask our guests to enter the 0000 code into the lock when they checkout.   This then instructs Brivo to send an email letting housekeeping know that the guest has checked out.   Housekeepers enter 8880 into the lock once inspected and we are notified the property is guest ready.   Neither of these codes allow for the door to be unlocked.    Brivo also charges by the door lock.  Not sure if they support the locks you have but if that is the functionality you are looking for it might be worth a check.