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insurance waived or accepted

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joelle m
Registered: 10/31/20
insurance waived or accepted

Quotes can be generated with options to purchase insurance or waive it. If guest waives or accepts it, where does this 'information' go?
It would be very helpful to have a document that shows whether the guest 'accepted' or 'declined' the insurance, so that we could use this legally in case the guest requests a refund but didn't buy insurance. or requests a refund, bought insurance in which you would know that refunding to him would not be wise.

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: insurance waived or accepted

If the guest accepts the TI, you'll see that on the Insurance tab of the booking.

If the guest doesn't accept the TI, it doesn't populate any info, so you know that by the absence of an insurance policy on the booking.

We've thought about having a merge field for "Travel Insurance Status", but the problem is that could change over time. If you put that in the renter agreement, for example, maybe they didn't buy during booking but did pick it up later. Or vice versa, they could purchase a policy and then later cancel it.

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