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Inquiry/Quote Form Suggestions

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Apr 3, 2016 3:08 PM
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I am testing my inquiry/quote form on my website using information that is not meeting the rules just to see what happens. There are a couple of things that concern me and I am wondering if we can somehow make a change.

1. If I try to test-book for too few nights, I get a message like this: "<season> allows a range of 7 to 365 nights."
In addition, the guest is showed a price estimate for that too-short period.
I would so much prefer it if the wording was "<season> requires a minimum of one week (7 days, 6 nights)." (of course this minimum would vary depending on the season they specify, but we'd outline this in the rules and price table.) And I would really like it if the price estimate did not show up unless they specified the minimum days required.

I think the wording "allows a range" is confusing to the customer, especially if the 365 nights is in there. I think letting them know the minimum required is critical. I don't need to tell them a maximum, and in fact a maximum is misleading. I can't specify a maximum during season because that number changes depending on what day during that season it is.

2. I was happy to see a price quote come up when I wrote in the dates! The problem is, it says "from," and I don't know if that amount includes tax, cleaning fee, etc., or if it is just the base rate. I don't think I want the guest to know that amount unless I tell them this is basic rent and doesn't include taxes and cleaning fee, or if it is a rate that does include these things. It would also be cool for me during this crazy time with VRBO, etc., to say it doesn't include any booking or service fee.

Thanks so much!

Michelle J
Apr 4, 2016 7:10 AM
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Thanks for the request. I understand what you're asking for.

The wording for warnings and rates can be difficult to get right for everyone since different users want different things. We have kicked around the idea of doing field-code-based descriptions so that users can define their own terminology.

On the widget quote, you're right that clarity would be good there. We're planning on adding a "details" link next to the number so that the guest can immediately see what line items are part of the rate and what is included. I believe that the rate number you're seeing does include all line items (it's a full quote). I'll check on that to be sure.