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Home Away Family - Specify Child Listing Site

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Registered: 5/5/20
Home Away Family - Specify Child Listing Site

It would be great to see which Home Away family / child site a guest booked through. That is, to know more than just from the Booking Overview page:

"This booking was created automatically by a HomeAway API integrated channel."

It would be helpful to know if the booking is from VRBO, HomeAway, Travelocity, Expedia, Hometogo, etc.

1) That would tell us which site we are getting the most bookings through and help us with strategy etc.
2) Also, it determines whether I can review the guest and thus my post-check-out message that gets sent. If the booking is from VRBO or HomeAway, I can write a review for the guest but if it is from Travelocity or Expedia, I cannot.

Chris L
Registered: 5/17/17
Re: Home Away Family - Specify Child Listing Site

Not to mention when guests ask questions about fees or listing details or such, it helps to know so we can say things like "the fee you paid Vrbo is controlled by them" or "if you scroll down through our Expedia listing, you can see all of the amenities we offer," etc.

I just default these days to using "Vrbo" in those instances (now that the HomeAway brand is gone) but they still do have several brands, and this can be confusing to guests.

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