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Holidays as booking criteria on discounts or surcharge settings

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Oct 7, 2020 12:12 PM
Joined May, 2014 139 posts

I know how to add a extra charge for a holiday, but how do I prevent a discount to be applied if the dates are during a holiday? I don't see a criteria for doing so. If it does not exist, it would be great to add one.
Example: I have discounts for 3 night weekends, but don't want to run them during holiday weekends. How can I accomplish this?

Chris Hynes
Oct 9, 2020 11:41 AM
OR Team Member Joined Oct, 2012 1396 posts

There's not currently a way to exclude a discount based on existence of a holiday, but that's a great idea -- I'll get that on our dev list.

Right now the only way to do it would be to set season or arrival date criteria on the discount so that it only applies to dates that aren't holidays.

Tempo Stays
Jan 21, 2023 11:26 AM
Joined Aug, 2022 1 post

Hi, I assume this was created because I definitely was able to create discounts that weren't applied to holidays, but it seems that it's now broken. Could you all look into repairing it?


Jan 25, 2023 9:35 AM
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2021 1 post

Hi Tempo,

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We have created a bug in our system to get this resolved.