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Guest Record: Allow attachments in Notes

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Valerie R
Registered: 9/26/19
Guest Record: Allow attachments in Notes

Thank you for adding a "Notes" section on the Guest level. One great improvement to this would be if we could add attachments to the notes.

We require an ID and right now, the ID must be attached to the booking in "Files". It would be better if we could attach the ID file to the guest record instead of the booking. That way, if the guest books subsequent stays with us we can see immediately that we've already collected their ID instead of having to go look up the former booking and confirm the ID attachment is in the "Files" area.

Janice T
Registered: 3/29/16
Re: Guest Record: Allow attachments in Notes

I've had this same thought many times. I'd vote for this more than once if I could. :)

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