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Expenses / Maintenance

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Kismet Propertie
Registered: 9/27/18
Expenses / Maintenance

Add a new report to track maintenance issues or use the Expense area and add a catergory (picklist)
Expense: Maintenance, Housekeeping, General, Admin ,etc.
This way you can run reports on expenses by category by property.

It would be nice to record all the times a PM has to go to a property and record the reasons why. You can currently use expenses but it would be great it it could be separated out on the PM statement.

Cheryl R.
Registered: 1/16/18
Re: Expenses / Maintenance

This is an excellent idea that I could use as well.

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Expenses / Maintenance

Yep, we have plans for both categorization of expenses and surcharges as well as tracking maintenance.

We're currently working through channel integrations, most recently Airbnb, but once that's done those other tracking things will be high on the priority list.

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