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Employee / Housekeeping Login

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Randy Juneau
Registered: 5/26/12
Employee / Housekeeping Login

Is there any way for you to make a login to OR for my housekeeper that allows only selected parts of OR? I would like for her to see the booking calendar and notes sometimes but really don't want her to see my revenue, reports and so on.

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Employee / Housekeeping Login

There is currently only one login per account.

However, you can create a custom iCal feed for each property, and control what's exposed through that feed. You can include guest info and booking notes etc. there.

If the housekeeper adds those iCal's to her Google calendar or other calendar app, she'll be able to see all of those details, read-only, without access to any other things in the system.

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