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Door Lock Codes - Phone Number

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Door Lock Codes - Phone Number

We have been using electronic door locks for many years on our rental properties. We have utilized a number of different providers both automated and manual. Our most recent experience is the utilization of an OR partner where door lock integration creates a random 4 digit code that is utilized as the guest access code for the property. We had gone down this road a number of years ago but since it was our only option we decided to give it a try again. Our results this time were similar to our previous attempt. Basically we find that while yes you are automated and you communicate information to the guests they do not seem to keep that information readily accessible or the devices that are used for the communication are no longer available (locked in the property, no cell signal, etc) and they are unable to retrieve the information needed to access the property and they don't "remember" what the code should be. The end result is they need to reach out to us, usually via phone, to figure out how to gain / regain access to the property.

To solve this problem the first time we decided we were going to change the codes for the doors to utilize the last 4 digits of the phone number that they provided during the booking process. Our communication to the guest would then specifically call out the actual code number but we also let them know that it is coded to the last 4 digits of their phone number. This dramatically reduced the number of calls we got because people remember their phone number and they remember us telling them that the lock is coded with their phone number.

The ask here is have OwnerRez give us the option to utilize last 4 digits of phone number starting with the mobile number if available, and then any other phone number if mobile is not available and finally, if no phone is available continue to use the random number. We would like to see this on their "Manual" Lock integration and any door lock integration where they control the generation of the lock code (Brivo for example). For integrations that don't support last 4 digits (RemoteLock) the option to use last 4 would not apply.

Reese N
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Re: Door Lock Codes - Phone Number

I also would like this feature, I have it automated, but continue to manually type it to them, which makes it so it is still something in the process I cannot automate. This would be a great feature!

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Re: Door Lock Codes - Phone Number

+1 this feature would be great - a tag that takes the last 4 digits of guest phone number, shouldn’t be an issue for these guys! :)

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