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Discount by Tag Criteria

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Registered: 8/22/19
Discount by Tag Criteria

I use tags on every single booking and now adding tags to the guest name. Please consider adding "TAG CRITERIA" to discounts based on TAGS. For example, friends and family discounts, repeat guest discounts, etc. The purpose of this request is not to do away with discount codes. The codes serve a purpose for very specific campaigns we run: seasonal, ads/promotion, etc and we track those by the code. We manually have to apply the repeat guest and friends and family discounts. If we have a TAG assigned to the guest name such as "repeatguest" it would be recognized in the system and their repeat reward would automatically apply at checkout. I see this as a great option and hope that others would too. The TAGS have been very useful in so many ways hopefully we can add this too!

Layla D
Registered: 11/29/18
Re: Discount by Tag Criteria

Yes! I just started using tags to identify our return guests so I can apply the return guest discount. If it automatically applied the discount to guests with that tag, I wouldn't have to worry about missing one.

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Discount by Tag Criteria

Yes, that's a good idea that will likely be added down the road a bit.

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