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Detailed report for Prorated Taxes Received

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Simona A
May 31, 2022 4:10 PM
Joined Feb, 2022 2 posts

Requesting a proration calculation report based on Period Nights, and Not Total Nights. No matter which option is selected (This Month, Next Month, This week, etc..), they are all a fixed date range, or "Reporting Period". The current report includes the entire stay for each reservation. My request will benefit the entire OwnerRez community who wish to calculate taxes paid for given period, especially when a booking spans across two months, or how each state has different reporting periods. My Request is to have a radio button named "Prorate" or any term that is voted on. When Prorate is selected, along with "any stay during period" selected (AKA the fixed date range) and "include pending/cancelled bookings" boxes are unchecked, tell the system to run a function to perform 2 calculations that will be displayed in the Total Charges column. Step one is to  calculate the daily prorate by subtracting "Non-Taxable Charges" from "Charge Total" which is then divided by "Total Nights" - End result is the "daily prorate". The daily prorate should then be multiplied by "Period of Nights" - "Period of nights being the fixed date range (This Month, Next Month, Custom, etc...).

My example for this would be a 4 night reservation that spanned, from 30 May - 2 June with $890.00 total "Taxable Charges . I want to report the taxes received only for May, therefore I need to prorate the reservation from 4 days (or "Total Nights" down to 2 days (or "Period Nights". By selecting the Prorate button and selecting/deselecting the previously mentioned criterion, the system now knows that I do not care about calculating any received taxes for the 2 days of one or more reservations that extended into June. Because the current report calculates  based on "Total Nights" (4 days), the system calculates taxes based on that value (4), and the calculated taxes are as such (8.90, 8.90, 44.50, and 53.40, where set taxes and fees are 1,1,5, and 6 percent.) However, if prorated the function would be as follows:

1. "prorated" Daily Rate: 890/4 = 225.50
2. "Prorated" Period Nights: 225.50 * 2 = 445 (displayed in "Taxable Charges)
3. Prorated taxes then would display as 4.45, 4.45, 22.25, and 26.70

The current report is only good if you want a report of what the "Total" taxes collected for the entire reservation, and not a prorated method for reporting taxes to be paid to the respective city, county, and/or state.

The alternative option to a "Prorate" radio button is to perform the same prorated calculation provided above based on comparing "Period Nights" from "Total Nights". If they do not equal, then the system runs the Prorate function to get the prorated amounts based on "Period Nights" otherwise calculate using current system calculation for taxes collected.

Paul W
Jun 2, 2022 1:00 PM
OR Team Member Joined Jun, 2009 800 posts

Thanks for the feedback, Simona!  One possible solution that you could do right now would be to export that report to Excel and then add a column that considers if Period Nights is the same as Total Nights.  If not, it divides them to get the percentage and uses that to calculate how much the tax should be.

Simona A
Jun 2, 2022 8:50 PM
Joined Feb, 2022 2 posts


Thanks for your response. As a work around we have already done exactly what you suggested, before this request was submitted. The idea is to have this built in the OwnerRez system for all to use, benefit from, and not have to go outside a system we already pay for. Some people would not have the means or knowledge how to do this. The Tax detailed report is misleading because when selecting a period (or specific dates) it should not include any reservation days outside of the reporting period. If someone wants to run a bank report just for a specific month, or date range, one would not expect any other data outside of those dates, otherwise you get incorrect values as what this current report produces. It misleads you to believe that the taxes collected are based on the date range selected when in fact it includes all reservation days outside of the specified date range.