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"Current" view of bookings

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Tarkan C
Dec 11, 2020 7:43 AM
Joined May, 2020 64 posts

"Current" view of bookings could be extremely useful, however, in the current setup, it's completely useless for us.

We've 15 apartments and 2-3 night stays are allowed so our manager who greets the guests on the field can't use the "Current" view because the list is too long since check-ins and check-outs from yesterday, today and tomorrow and also already staying guests are all included in the view.

What we'd need for the "Current view" is to be able to see only "today" and check-ins and check-outs (not staying guests).

Doing what we want would be possible from the reports area, however, note that our manager doesn't have access authority to reports and even if he had it'd be unpractical to have a couple of steps to access such a crucial report/view.