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Coupon Code?

I've just started and I'm new to this but haven't seen anything for coupon code entry for offering discounts on renatls.

We want to have a property listing that caters for all including our friends and family. We want to be able to offer our family a discounted stay but keep it on the books so to speak. Is there a way to configure a discount code to give to family members so that they can make their arrangements online as normal and apply a discount on the regular rates?

The generated quote would state code and renters name for confirmation prior to going out to renter of course.

Is this a reasonable way to deal with this or am i out to lunch? Let me know if there is abetter way to deal with this?


Michelle J
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Re: Coupon Code?

Hi Paul,

Currently, there is no way to automatically distribute and accept coupon codes through the current quoting system. We do have that listed on the development roadmap, but it hasn't been implemented yet.

When generating quotes, you would need to manually add a line item with a negative amount for the guest.


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