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combine booking ribbon with rate calendar

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Stacey S
Oct 12, 2023 4:02 PM
Joined Aug, 2020 1 post

I can only see all my bookings for all my properties together on the "booking" tab, but then I can only edit my rates / changeover rules by moving to the "rate calendar" for each individual home without seeing all the homes together. Seeing all the homes is needed to manage my business while I'm setting rates and rules.

Please combine the two so we can see multiple properties in a booking ribbon with booking details shown if you hover, and ALSO see/change the rates, stay reqts and changeover rules in the SAME view.  Potentially you'll need to shorten the ribbon and enlarge the squares to fit more information.

This is needed by folks with multiple properties where we might need to block off dates if one property has a same day turnover and we cannot accommodate more as an example.  Or if we want to raise a rate if all our other homes are booked for same date and there is limited availability for demand thus justifying higher rate.  There are many ways multiple-property managers use data from the entire inventory to decide on terms for individual rentals within the set. 

Going back and forth between bookings and rate calendar is a hassle but do-able with two monitors on a desk.  It is extremely difficult to manage on a mobile device which is where many of us work.

[There is no feature in OR to automatically detect if other properties have same day or close in time turnovers and impose rules on other properties to prevent overwhelming housekeeping which is a limited resource. This would also be a good feature to add - a new rule that you can only have so many turnovers in a day and then it disallows more, or arrivals/departures within a specified number of days.  It would need to impose a block of sorts and send that to the channel calendars, and automatically unblock if there is a cancellation.]