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Glenn Moore
Registered: 11/11/12
Cleaning Date

Hi I am not sure if you take development requests in this forum or not, but I have been thinking about an addition that would make a big difference for me.

Firstly I do have to say that I continue to love OwnerRez. Although a lot of my bookings come though VRBO (trying to slowly change that will my own web pages, etc) I still put every reservation - even manually - onto OwnerRez. I am happy to pay the extra $5/reservation just for the great tools that exist to manage the guest (automated emails, custom fields, good reporting, etc).

One thing that would be an outstanding addition to a booking would be the inclusion of a cleaning date. Yes I know that we can create a custom field and populate it with a cleaning date, but a real date (+time) field attached to the booking would be awesome.

I have done some thinking about this, and the cleaning date could help in driving the availability calendar. I would guess that I am like most hosts who schedule a cleaning after the departure of a guest. Sometimes the cleaners can get in immediately following the guest departure and sometimes it may be a few days later (based on their availability). Obviously if the cleaners cannot get in to clean until a few days later, the property should not be available for bookings and should reflect that in the booking calendar (internally and exposed via ics to other apps).

Perhaps a design could go something like this:

- One the dates tab for a booking, include a date for cleaning, a start time, and a duration
- The start date and time could be defaulted from the checkout time of the booking
- The duration (in hours) could be from a default for the property
- The user could change the date/time/duration as needed. The system will give an error if the cleaning time conflicts with the current booking or if it conflicts with the next downstream booking
- A checkbox beside the cleaning date would allow the user to extend the unavailability of the property to the calculated end time of the cleaning.
- For example if the guest is scheduled to check out on a Tuesday at say 10:00am, but the cleaner cannot clean until say Thursday at 7:00am, then the property would be unavailable (via that booking) until check-in time Thursday afternoon. I suggested a checkbox, because some users may not want to use the functionality


This would really help eliminate a lot of manual work and manual blocks on my availability calendar. It would also hopefully allow me to send an easy report to my cleaner so that she can ensure her records match with mine.

Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: Cleaning Date

Hi Glenn,

It just occurred to me that nobody ever answered you on this!! I did read it the other day. I understand completely what you're after. We have an "Events" feature on the back burner that we'll release at some point. It's more or less kinda sort what you're looking for. Basically you can add "pinned" events to the calendar that can (optionally) make bookings not be available depending on the event type. This will remind you where events occur and help with booking workflow. You could create housekeeping events for sure.

Christie P
Registered: 7/28/16
Re: Cleaning Date

I had a brief email exchange with Chris about this a month or so ago.

Having some way to show which property, date, and time you have scheduled for cleaning would be great. The pinned idea would certainly work. One thought is that some of us use more than one cleaner so having the "pin" be able to be customized, like flags in Mac Mail, would be great.

The ability to search for all scheduled cleanings by a specific cleaner would really be helpful.

Thanks so much!

Glenn Moore
Registered: 11/11/12
Re: Cleaning Date

I am thinking, as a start, just a cleaning date (doesn't even have to be hooked up to anything) on the booking would be of tremendous value to me as long as I could see it on the bookings listing view.


Lauren V
Registered: 12/28/17
Re: Cleaning Date

See this was added sort of here back in November 17 in the updates: Add cleaning date to stay reports
What does this mean and how do you add them to the calendar?

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