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Better repeat guest identification with tag, notes, and file carry forward

Status: Requested 2 Votes
Charlie S
Feb 27, 2023 8:51 PM
Joined Apr, 2019 4 posts

OR has often failed to identify repeat guests, even though emails, phone numbers, etc, are the same.  Even when it dies, files from the guest record (such as a picture ID) are not carried forward.

I Suggest

1) That, at the least, any new guest with any matching characteristics of a prior guest’s Full Name,  address, phone, email, or CC number, be at least presented as a possible match for us to approve or ignore, or tag for further review.   The address could help to identify a bad guests who now has their spouse or other household member make the reservation. 

2) That with any prior guest match, including through the process suggested above or through whatever algorithm is being used, that we be given the option of carrying forward prior files, tags, and notes.  

I think that tags are being currently carried forward, but have been told that files do not.   If I have stored a picture ID or other information, I prefer to retain it with the new reservation. 

Thanks! Please vote.