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An app for owners and guests

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Tufan B
Registered: 10/2/18
An app for owners and guests

I wonder if there is an app for OwnerRez for hosts and for guests.

I have ownerrez at my phone but an app for owners could be more user friendly.

Also have you thought of a guest app. Where they can send messages directly to the hosts from the app. They can see the address, wifi info, their door code, garage code, checkout instructions, check-in instructions, Area recommendations etc. Such an app would have made it great experience with the guests.

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: An app for owners and guests

Yep, a guest app is a good idea for sure. We do have plans for that, but they're fairly far out based on some other priorities like channel integration that we're working on right now.

There are third party guest apps like https://touchstay.com/ that have some of those features.

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