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Aggregated email correspondence

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Aggregated email correspondence

I feel it would be a great feature of the platform to keep track of "all" correspondence made within the platform in a thread style interface. I'm finding that once I send a quote and the prospective guest has a question they reply back to my email address and not OR's address thus creating two different sources of information that I have to search through.

Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: Aggregated email correspondence

Hi Gclaseman,

Thanks for the suggestion.

We purposefully use your email address as the Reply To address on each message so that guests contact you directly.

Sending and receiving email through the app is something often requested and we're heading in that direction. We want to make sure it's managed correctly though so that email messages don't get lost and so that you can use your own email programs and all its conveniences without being forced to login to OwnerRez every time you want to respond.

We recently released some changes to how guests are recorded so that future CRM features can be developed quickly and cleanly. Email sending and receiving is a big part of that.


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