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Add support for Portrait-style photos

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Apr 19, 2022 6:19 PM
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Right now, any photo that does not have Landscape dimensions (where the width exceeds the height of the photo) gets cropped badly in the image previews on auto-generated OwnerRez Hosted Websites. Once you click the image and it shows the full image, the image shows up properly. The previews will look messed up though unless the user is willing to manually crop / edit / somehow transform all the Portrait-style images into Landscape-style images BEFORE uploading them to OwnerRez. 

Please add a feature where it automatically adds extra black/white space to the Left & Right of a portrait style photo, so they show up properly (uncropped, showing the whole image, not just part of it) in the previews on the page for that property, and so that users don't have to worry about using Portait-style photos and them looking totally wrong.