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Add Pets as a Trigger Criteria

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Randy Juneau
Registered: 5/26/12
Add Pets as a Trigger Criteria

Would it be very difficult to add Pets as a Trigger Criteria? I would like to send an email to guests that bring pets to let them know of my requirements. I just had a guest's pet bit another guest's child at one of the resorts where I have condos. This is 2nd incident in 2 years. While I mention it several times during booking and in the rental agreement, most guest say they aren't aware of my requirements. I think specifically sending them an email with those requirements might provide additional protection for me. In Texas, landlords are generally not liable for guests' pets but victims always come after me because they know I have insurance and it covers but my insurance company will cancel if I file a claim. I'm told that AirBnb and VRBO guest liability doesn't cover dog bites.

Lydia B
Registered: 5/8/19
Re: Add Pets as a Trigger Criteria

Within each booking, under "Info", there is a field for number of pets. You can write an email and set up a trigger that only goes to guests whose number of pets is greater than zero, or "greater than or equal to" 1.

Paul W
Registered: 6/9/09
Re: Add Pets as a Trigger Criteria

Lydia is correct. Just to clarify for Randy, there is a booking criteria for this already on Triggers. It's in the lower booking criteria section on the trigger page. See here:

Donna M
Registered: 9/19/17
Re: Add Pets as a Trigger Criteria

I'm wondering Randy when you would send that email out? Is this something you'd use just prior to arrival?

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