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Ability to "pick and choose" amenities to appear in website widget

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Brian K
May 5, 2023 8:31 AM
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Hi there! First and foremost, I love the platform as a whole and find the website integrations to be strong.

When I incorporated the widgets, plugins and shortcodes into our site, my goal was to leverage them as much as possible so that as we make changes in OwnerRez, they dynamically pull into our site vs having to make changes in two places.

In many cases, everything works well, but there are a few improvements that could be made to the widgets, but the one that stuck out the most was the Amenities widget. As we all know, platforms like Airbnb have an overwhelming number of "amenities" they ask about that are relevant as people are searching with filters on the site, but that are not necessarily important for someone that has come to your site directly. In addition, sites like Airbnb group amenities into categories that they feel are relevant on their end, but may not be the right way to display them on an independent website.

When using the widget, I then had a massive list of poorly organized stuff that was not able to be well-stylized for the site. The only way I found to group things as I wanted in a moderately well-stylized manner was to hardcode my amenities into my site manually. See example here for how we handled. A potentially "simple" work around would be to enable users to select via checkbox which amenities they wanted to display in the widget and which to leave off. This way, in theory, we'd be able to pop in multiple amenities widgets on a single page grouped however we want them to be and enable for more customization aesthetically.

Would love to hear if something like this is in the works or if there are other possible workarounds.

Many thanks!