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Ability to Clone a Booking and all its custom settings

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Lisa B
Registered: 4/22/21
Ability to Clone a Booking and all its custom settings

I would love to see an expansion of the Copy To Booking feature so that it works more like a CLONE Booking.

Copy To only carries over the property and the guest to a new bookings but there are often so many other customized details that are lost.

I would like the Clone Booking feature to maintain all the custom settings in a booking like:
custom rate
listing site source
payment schedule
custom checkin/checkout times
security deposit
cancellation policy

With this feature we can easily rebook return guests for the following year by simply changing the dates.

Since COVID we have had a huge increase in the number of long term rentals. OR is not intended for Long Term stays so as a work around we are creating 12 - one month bookings for 1 year long term leases. Having a CLONE Booking feature would make doing this so easy and would bring OR one big step closer to being able to manage long term rentals as well.

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