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Same Guest Extended Stay - NEED HELP

Felicia S
Jul 26, 2022 12:34 PM
Joined May, 2022 9 posts

I have a guest who booked on Airbnb, and I offered her an extra night half off, to fill in the night. She accepted. I sent her a booking request from OR as I didn't know how to extend her night on Airbnb. It looks like since she accepted, it's kicked her off of Airbnb and says she booked from my website.  My issue now, is I'm afraid the system is going to shut off her door code at 11a tomorrow as that was when her 1st booking was supposed to end. I've tried changing the booking to extend, but the system keeps telling me there is a conflict with another booking.. Which is her booking for the extra night. Is there a work around this, to override the system?  She's also getting all the trigger emails since the system is seeing her as a new booking.