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Greetings from Dewey Beach, DE

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Dewey Getaway
Registered: 2/26/20
Greetings from Dewey Beach, DE

I am starting my trial for my one vacation rental in Dewey Beach. Wow - there is a lot to do to set this up. I didn't expect it to be so daunting and I'm pretty tech savvy. Any tips for streamlining the onboarding process?

So far, I've run into difficulty as follows:
-not sure whether I can use channel bridge with just one property
-importing my rental agreement resulted in a formatting nightmare. Any way to import so formatting stays intact from the Word doc?
-is there any way to import seasons for rates from Houfy?

I haven't even started looking at email templates yet!
Feeling overwhelmed.

Lydia B
Registered: 5/8/19
Re: Greetings from Dewey Beach, DE

Hey there, Dewey Beach! Don't give up! If you stick with it you'll love it. It's a tough learning curve, but it will make life easier.

May I suggest you join the Facebook group called "Unofficial OwnerRez Support Group." Lots of info and helpful folks on there.

Yes - you can use Channel Bridge on just one property.

You may have trouble importing some formatting. Per OR: We include a default renter agreement in your account. To create or update your own agreements, go to Settings > Legal Agreements. You can create as many agreements as you like. You can either start from the default agreement and customize it, or paste in the text of your agreement, or upload your existing MS Word format agreement. If your existing agreement is heavily formatted, it may be easier to paste in the text only (using Ctrl+Shift+V) and add formatting in the OwnerRez editor.

Can't help with "seasons" from Houfy. Sorry.

See you on Facebook!

Dewey Getaway
Registered: 2/26/20
Re: Greetings from Dewey Beach, DE

Thanks so much, Lydia! I joined the FB group yesterday so will see you there!

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