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Debi from Philly, Chesapeake Bay and Jersey Shore

E & R Vacation R
Jan 4, 2020 5:16 PM
Joined Jan, 2020 56 posts

I have 3 properties, a bnb, and two stand alone homes. I am hoping this will make life a bit easier in the coming months when most of my inquiries come in. I have a lot of questions, as unfortunately set up isn't as intuitive as I thought it would be. Still trying to find where to upload my rental agreement, my cancellation policies, etc. And how to set up the email templates. I'll get there I'm sure, but sure is taking longer than expected.
Wish me luck ;)

Lydia B
Jan 4, 2020 7:42 PM
Joined May, 2019 159 posts

Hi, Debi! Welcome. If you're on Facebook be sure to join the Unofficial Owner Rez Support Group. Lots of help here and there.

As for OR, you're right! Not as intuitive as we might like, but really wonderful once you get it going. Start with one thing at a time. You'll get there. I also still have so much to learn! Which listing sites are you using?

For your legal agreement, go to "Settings", then "Branding & Legal" then "Legal Agreements." When you're ready, check out the FB page I mentioned and see how to add custom fields which require renters to provide information and initial different parts of your contract.

E & R Vacation R
Jan 4, 2020 11:43 PM
Joined Jan, 2020 56 posts

There have been some light bulb moments tonight, thanks. I'll check out the FB group. I have my own website(s), FB pages, two regional book direct sites, and of course the regular OTAs, TA/FK, abnb and for one listing HA. I just managed to get the most lucrative one 90% set up today, two more properties to go...LOL