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Hi everyone, Long time since I posted. Can you guys have an option to pay via ZELLE, and deduct field (whichever name is given for the credit card charge. In my case it is other surcharge) before you give new title? Maybe a field labeled Credit Card can be entered and that amount is deducted from total if ZELLE is selected. ZELLE is instant money from one bank to another using either the phone number or email address.


Chris Hynes
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Re: Zelle

Yep, ZELLE is very cool! I wish they had an API we could hook into to integrate directly.

The best way to offer that in OwnerRez is to add a Custom Instructions payment method and add instructions on how to pay you via ZELLE. That will create a pending booking, and you can then record the payment on the booking Transactions tab when you receive it.

For the ZELLE discount, you could make that an add-on that the guest can select during checkout, but there's no way to force it to be applied if you do that. That's still probably the easiest way: create a discount, applied optionally, and then the guest can pick "3% discount for paying via ZELLE". They could also pick that on credit cards on accident, so if they do, just remove the discount on the other side.

The other option would be to leave the surcharge as it is and then update the booking to remove the surcharge when somebody does a ZELLE checkout and send them the new total.

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