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Widget for dynamic pricing

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James W
Registered: 11/15/17
Widget for dynamic pricing

Is there a way to have the pricing widget reflect dynamic prices (e.g. from Price Labs) instead of static seasonal rates? Thanks.

Mitchell C
Registered: 1/22/19
Re: Widget for dynamic pricing

You can have Price Labs or Beyond Pricing connect directly into OwnerRez where OwnerRez represents your property. It's pretty cool and it works.

Registered: 6/6/16
Re: Widget for dynamic pricing

yes. You can go to settings > widgets > create rate widget(or edit one you already have) and choose Nightly Rates >
Calculated Range

Jason S
Registered: 8/8/20
Re: Widget for dynamic pricing

Hi, I'm new.... what does this do, exactly? Do I need to have an external something for dynamic pricing?

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