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Who uses the Quick Books feature?

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Who uses the Quick Books feature?

I've been VERY unsuccessful in using my quickbooks desktop version. In the middle of getting info to my accountant for our taxes and know that if I used the QB it would be much easier, but I really don't understand QB!! My question:
Is it easy for a real QB "dummy" to use the OR feature that uploads the info to QB online? will it integrate everything my accountant will need for taxes?

Is there a service to set this up for me?
I have read the OR articles on this subject... OR does not upload refunds? will it eventually do this as this complicates things.
When I have to refund but keep the cancellation fee is that figured out in QB?
Does it keep track separately of for example: Boat motor fee, dog fee, housekeeping fee, taxes
Any other advice in this area appreciated, I really don't even know what questions to ask.
Thank you,

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Re: Who uses the Quick Books feature?

HI Wendy, we use it, but it is not for the faint of heart. QB in general is not for the faint of heart. It takes work and an understanding of how QB works. OR basically creates "invoices" in QB for you, with matching payments, for each booking in OwnerRez. It is not a magic button that you press and then walk away from. You will still need to match up bank deposits to the payments OwnerRez creates for you. The rent and taxes you can track separately, but there is no way to track different kinds of rent or surcharges (rent versus dog fee versus cleaning). I have asked for that and they say it's coming.

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