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What's on the OwnerRez roadmap?

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Tim K
Registered: 7/8/17
What's on the OwnerRez roadmap?

I know lots of companies don't like to share what they are working on....but you guys seem pretty open about those things. I know that channels have been taking up most of your development time over the past few months, and I just thought I'd see if you wanted to comment on what's next in the pipeline, what's coming later this year, etc. Is there a priority list of upgrades/features? And, understanding that dates are extremely variable, especially when it comes to software rollouts, can you share any timelines?



Registered: 6/25/18
Re: What's on the OwnerRez roadmap?

I was thinking IPO 😊

Paul W
Registered: 6/9/09
Re: What's on the OwnerRez roadmap?

We do share our roadmap but only with the context and understanding that the roadmap is not fixed and changes frequently. The current (closest) items are:

- HomeAway API (nearly done, watching last pilot users, etc)
- Auto-release for security deposits
- PM updates
- QB updates
- QoL ("quality of life" smoothening for a bunch of small things)
- Door lock updates (adding Kaba, supporting RemoteLock's newer API)

After that:

- SMS (templates and trigers)
- Housekeeping module

Tim K
Registered: 7/8/17
Re: What's on the OwnerRez roadmap?

Sounds good. Does the "smoothening" include:
Multiple (N) payments and/or "Simplified quotes" (merging amounts and removing details - like the option in the quote widget)

After manually inputting all my lock codes for this year I look forward to multi-lock support!
SMS and Housekeeping are also on my wishlist.

Can't wait for the updates.



Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: What's on the OwnerRez roadmap?

Yep, all of the above!

Lurdys G
Registered: 3/21/19
Re: What's on the OwnerRez roadmap?

I look forward to the housekeeping updates! :-)

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