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Chuck K
Registered: 10/19/19
Website footer

Can’t seem to find a way to suppress the phone number on the hosted website other than removing it from account info. Have i just overlooked the setting somewhere?

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Website footer

You can edit it in the Hosted Website settings, under the Edit Theme/Layout button, Footer tab. You can see the email field code included in there by default - just get rid of that, and save your changes.

Lydia B
Registered: 5/8/19
Re: Website footer

Chuck - don't know why you were asking about the phone number, but if it's to keep folks from knowing you personal # you could get a Google Voice number that folks can call and text on. A number of owners do that to keep info private but still allow a way for potential guests to be in touch. Then you can decide if you want to answer a call or always let it go to voicemail.

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