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Registered: 4/21/11
VRBO Inquiry issue

I think that VRBO may have changed something - we have two properties linked to the same account - it seems that VRBO is now only allowing one set of email's for both properties. In the past I think I could specify different emails, but now when I change it in one listing - it changes it in the other. The result is that OwnerRez makes inquiries for both properties look like they are for the same property. Any one else notice this? I am going to send a note to VRBO to see if it is a temporary issue.

Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: VRBO Inquiry issue

VRBO's contact system has always been a little screwy. You have to use the "Add Contact" dropdown to add another one. But you should be able to have a unique email address for each unique property. We have users that have 6 or 8 properties in VRBO, and I have not heard of any problems from them. Please let me know what happens with this.
Registered: 4/21/11
Re: VRBO Inquiry issue

That is the WORST interface I have ever seen. But thanks - I think that did it.


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