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Jacques L
Registered: 6/2/14 calendar update

2 of my 3 properties only have listings. Is it possible to auto-update this calendar or only if I also have a paid listing and link them?

Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: calendar update

Hi Jacques,

I spent some time looking into this for you. Since I don't have direct access to the owner side of a listing, I have to give you third hand information.

It has been said that the previous ability to sync with iCal no longer works, and HomeAway uses their standard one-calendar system throughout. So when you go to "edit calendar" in your listing, you'll see the HA calendar system embedded.

It has also been suggested that you _should_ be able to login to the HomeAway website as they use a single sign on system everywhere. Just use your credentials when logging in. If that works, you can provide that information to our system in the Settings > Linked Accounts area under HomeAway and we should be able to keep it up to date.


Jacques L
Registered: 6/2/14
Re: calendar update

Thanks for checking into it for me. Not going to work with my current setup, since I'm not synch'ing homeaway and VR so that I can use the pay-per-booking on homeaway to try to fill my last 4 vacancies for the summer. No biggie for this year, as we're closing in on full. Won't necessarily be using VR again, it doesn't seem as effective as it was in past years.

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