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Two questions: hotel tax collection, searching these forums

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Ross C
Registered: 6/25/18
Two questions: hotel tax collection, searching these forums

1) I am hoping to go live in several more weeks, and have been studying the requirement northeast Pennsylvania to collect 9% tax, which is 6% sales tax and 3% a Pocono area hotel tax. I was looking at MyLodgeTax, but they seem to has been crappy reviews. Not totally sure what true value they add for $240 per annum.

From Ownerreservations + OTAs, is there a simple way to pull collected taxes to meet the many time a year taxes that seem to need to be paid correctly?

2) how do you search these forums? I cannot seem to find a search box dedicated to the forums...

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Two questions: hotel tax collection, searching these forums

1) Yep, there are several different providers that will submit tax on your behalf, but personally I haven't used any of them. The real work is getting the right data to send to them.

If you have the taxes configured in OwnerRez, you can use the Tax Detail report to pull all of the taxes for bookings in different periods and use that to base your tax reporting. The only thing to watch there is backing out any cancels or refunds if you're paying taxes ahead of arrival.

We have a plan to do tax remittance tracking similar to how we do Owner/PM statements and payout tracking but that feature isn't in place yet.

2) There's not a dedicated forum only search, but the search box at the top of the support area will search forums, blogs, and support articles all at once.

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